why Brushless dc Motors? Sep 25,2020

after nearly a century of development and improvement, Brushless dc motor (BLDCM) has been flooding into various industries and has become a up-rising star in the motor industry. BLDCM is now widely approved by modern productive equipment , instrument and apparatus , computer peripherals and household appliances , etc.

BLDCM not only has a series of advantages of ac motors such simple structure, reliability and easy maintenance etc., but also features high operational efficiency and good speed regulation which are typical characteristics of brush dc motors.

So, what are the specialties of BLDCM that attract us?

1. higher efficiency and longer lifetime of motor.

BLDCM adopts rare earth permanent magnet materials, which leads to less losses of rotor and higher efficiency of operation, saving more than 20% of energy than traditional electric motors. according to relative researches, the efficiency of BLDCM attains 96% or above. Meanwhile, without brush, the pm rotor reduces the times of maintenance, thus prolongs the lifetime of motor.

2. small in size and light in weight.

in comparison with traditional 3 phase induction motor, BLDCM out stands by smaller construction and lighter weight, which fulfill the market requirement of less weight and better performance.

3. Cost-effective.

compared to pm synchronous motor, BLDCM requires lower cost of production. What’s more, longer interval between maintenances and less energy consumption bring to users reduced total cost. even though the price of a BLDCM is relatively higher than that of a traditional electric motor, the considerable effect of energy saving will totally cover the gap.

Besides, the advantages of low noise and vibration , no spark , steady performance and reliability, etc., all make BLDCM differentiated from traditional motors.

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